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      Actuator SMD-EF – Electrical Feedback
      Actuator SMD-EF – Electrical Feedback

      Actuator SMD-EF – Electrical Feedback

      • Technical Data

        Mode of operating:  Double acting

        Mounting type:  Trunnion mounting (optional flange)

        Breakaway force:  = 0,05 bar

        Position detecting:  Electronical position feedback sensor

        Ex protection:  EExi, EExd

        Operation pressure:  0,5 – 10 barg

        Ambient temperature:  -25° / +60° C

        Piston:  ?80 – ?400

        Operating medium:  Instrument air DIN ISO 8573-1 Class 1-1-3

        The cylinders are compatible with the position controllers of e.g. SIEMENS, METSO, SAMSON, etc



        Key Benefits

        By loss of pressure cylinder maintains in last position

        Stainless material

        The accuracy is 0,1% of actual value




        Fail safe

        Ex protection: EExi or EExd

        Mechanical limit switch or contract less limit switch



        Control Box

        Ambient Temperature:  -20° C / +60° C

        Material:  Stainless steel 1.4301

        Instrument air input:  4 – 20mA

        Instrument air output:  0,2 – 1,0 barg

        Protection types:  class IP 65

        Ex Protection:  EExi or EExd

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