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      • Technical Data

        Mode of operating:  Double acting

        Mounting type:  Flange mounting (optional Trunnion)

        Position detecting:  Mechanical feedback

        Ex protection:  EEx i, EEx d

        Operation pressure:  0,5 – 10 bar

        Ambient temperature:  -25° / +60° C

        Piston:  ?80 – ?400

        Operating medium:  Instrument air DIN ISO 8573-1 Class 1-1-3

        The cylinders are compatible with the position controllers of e.g. SIEMENS, METSO, SAMSON, etc



        Key Benefits

        By loss of pressure cylinder maintains in last position
        Material: Aluminum and Stainless material
        The accuracy is 1% of actual value
        Interchangeability with other cylinder types, e.g. Fisher Guide or Emerson




        Fail safe

        Ex protection: EExi or EExd

        Various connection types possible e.g. flange or centre trunnion

        Painting according to customers standard

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